I’m a composer based in Stuttgart, who’s passion it is to accentuate moments and whole stories to create something really powerful. For me it’s all about emotion and here is what you can get.


Film Music

Film Music


Just music



Composed for the upcoming interactive science fiction film „Cobalt“.

Inspired by science fiction movies.

Eastern wind

Inspired by eastern sounds. Dramaturgically created for a commercial.

Hot sun is burning on your skin but cooled down by the eastern wind.


Dramaturgically created for a fight scene.

This fight is his easiest exercise.


„Departure into a new world“ Inspired by science fiction movies.

Imagine a reconnaissance flight on an earthlike world that could be our new home.

We are floating

Piano and strings are dancing like lovers.

Pure beauty.

Curious things

Inspired by adventure sports videos, the artist „Overwerk“ and interest in dubstep sounds.

The longing for adventure pulls you to exciting places.

Christian Stürmer baut um

Composed for the teaser for „Barrierefreies Wohnen“ on Facebook.

Full of engagement and positive energy.

Desert Ship Soundlogo

Composed for the German based film production „Desert Ship Studios“.

A ship sailing trough the hot desert like a fata morgana.


Composed for the short „What remains“ released in 2012 where a psychiatrist is forced to think about his feelings by his former patient who feels alive again after quitting medication.

When you realize that you’re dead inside and you can’t take it anymore.


You are searching for an intro for your podcast, vlog or anything similar? This could be something for you.

Start your podcast with positive energy.


You found something that would be the perfect fit for your moving images or your audio product? Or you need your very own composition? Please feel free to contact me. I’m sure we can find the perfect music piece for your needs.
M: info@adventurelandmedia.de

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